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Evan Fournier breaks John Starks’ single-season franchise three-point record

Congrats, Evan.

NBA: New York Knicks at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday night, Evan Fournier gave something positive to remember about an up-and-down 2021-22 season. After hitting his fourth 3 pointer of the game late in the third quarter of a win over the Charlotte Hornets, Fournier broke the Knicks single-season three-point record, passing fan favorite, John Starks.

After the game, when asked about it, Fournier answered, “I’m thankful for all the assists I got from my teammates. Guys putting me in the situation to break the record. The fact it’s such a big, historical franchise, take the record from John Starks, famous guy, famous player. It’s hard to put words on exactly how I feel, but I’m going to be calling friends and parents. It’s going to be a great night.’’

Fournier had been criticized early on in the season for his lack of defensive ability and his inability to diversify his offensive game when his shot isn’t falling. That being said, the Knicks front office brought the former Orlando Magic to improve the team’s outside shooting after finishing 21st in the league in 3 point makes last season with just 11.8 makes a game. And while he lacks the defensive abilities Reggie Bullock had, Fournier has performed admirably as a shooter. The Knicks are eighth this season in 3 point makes per game with 12.9 a game and Fournier is responsible for 3.1 of them a game which ranks him ninth in the league. Throughout the season, Fournier has made a myriad of tough shots and clutch shots and the impressive thing is, he has done it in so many different ways. He ranks 10th in the league in spot up points per game, 17th in the league in points per game off of hand offs, and 28th in the league in points per game off of off ball screens.

The elite marksman’s mishaps and weaknesses definitely played a role in what has turned out to be a very underwhelming season, but he was brought in to add shooting this season, and he did more than that. Not only did he improve the outside attack of a team that desperately needed it to create space for Julius Randle and RJ Barrett, but he has ended up having the greatest three-point shooting season any Knick has ever had. In a frustrating season, we’re going to choose to look the other way to celebrate a rare occasion. If he is still on the team next year, maybe he can break the record again, and do so at home.