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Hornets 125, Knicks 114: Scenes from another inexcusable Tom Thibodeau brain fart

Fire Thibs.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks played one of their worst defensive games of the season Wednesday night against the Charlotte Hornets, but they still had a chance to win the game thanks to the fourth quarter brilliance of Immanuel Quickley. The young guard single-handedly whittled down a 12-point Hornets lead down to two early in the fourth. He had 11 points in just the first few minutes of the frame, and looked poised to add more.

Yes, the Hornets hit a three on the next possession, and IQ missed a look down at the other end, but there was still a half a quarter to play, and the kid has specialized in rescuing the Knicks late in games recently.

But there was a dark cloud hovering over the Knicks’ comeback. Head coach Tom Thibodeau had already signaled for Evan Fournier to come into the game. RJ Barrett and Alec Burks were already on the court, so who was Fournier going to replace? Not, IQ, right? Right???

If you’ve been watching the Knicks this season — hell, if you’ve watched Thibs throughout his career — you probably know where this story is heading. Once again, he opted for the old hand over the young stud. Sure, Fournier had 30 points on the evening. But he was not the guy to slow down LaMelo Ball and company. Everyone knew it, except the head coach.

The Knicks — all of them — should have played better defense. But this coach is a moron, and I’m sick of him. Needless to say, all signs point to Thibs coming back next season. Boo.

Recap to come.