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Ep. 147 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast

Can the Knicks get Jalen Brunson? Plus, playoff drama in Boston, Toronto, Phoenix and much more!

Hey everyone! Back at it again! Here is the rundown for this week’s podcast:

-Is Jalen Brunson the answer to the Knicks point guard woes?

-The wild Nets-Celtics series and KD’s struggles in the Game 2.

-Devin Booker’s injury for the Suns and will it allow the Pelicans to take over the series?

-The Heat and Warriors take control and the Sixers stun the Raptors in Game 3.

-And much more playoff talk!

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To listen to this week’s podcast click here: Ep. 147 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast.

Thanks as always for listening and stay safe!