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The 2022 NBA Draft Lottery is here!

Pray for the Knicks

NBA: NBA-Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, friends. The New York Knicks will test their luck Tuesday night in the 2022 NBA Draft Lottery. Our Knicks haven’t played basketball in a month, so this is the first consequential night for New York fans in a while.

So what’s at stake for the Knicks tonight? They had the 11th-worst record in the NBA last season. Their lottery odds break down as follows:

  • 77.6% chance they stay at the 11th pick
  • 2.0% of jumping up to the first pick
  • 2.2% of jumping up to the second pick
  • 2.4% of jumping up to the third pick
  • 2.8% of jumping up to the fourth pick

So, that’s a 9.4% chance they land a Top-4 pick (good).

  • 12.6% chance of falling back to the 12th pick (bad!)
  • 0.4 % chance of falling back to the 13th pick (very bad!)

Executive William Wesley — a.k.a. Worldwide Wes — will be representing the Knicks on the dais.

The lottery starts at 8 PM EST on ESPN. Bring your lucky charms!