Bold 22-23 Predictions

  1. Knicks select Johnny Davis with the 11 pick, and don't make any move up / move down deals. Whoever they draft in the 2nd round lives in the G League. Davis doesn't get much run this year, playing 350 minutes over 40 games
  2. Knicks trade Noel and Burks and get a small return (very late future first round or early second round pick package). Maybe they take on an expiring contract and waive the player.
  3. We re-sign Mitch, ask Kemba not to come to camp but no buyout.
  4. Knicks do not move Randle. Much groaning from Knicks fans ensue
  5. Knicks roll with IQ at the point, but he doesn't get 30 minutes per game at the beginning. Rose is healthy to start the year. He gets hurt from time to time, plays 50 games. From mid-season, IQ surges, and becomes a 32-34 mpg starter
  6. McBride doesn't get enough run to satisfy Knicks fans. More than last year, but not enough.
  7. RJ steps forward in both efficiency and scoring. 23ppg as the primary scoring option. Much clamoring for him to become an all-star
  8. Fournier is back to the angst of Knicks fans, and plays well in 20-25mpg as a starter (but not necessarily a closer)
  9. Grimes is the one that takes the biggest step forward and closes out a number of games as a defensive stopper, clutch shooter.
  10. Jules settles into a secondary role in offense, and is still our best passer/rebounder/bully. He pisses off Knicks fans no end. Still too many ill-advised threes and lazy turnovers, but his defense notably improves.
  11. Obi still doesn't get enough minutes making everyone completely crazy. He gets more run at the center position.
  12. Mitch and Simms share the center spot (duh) and Simms shows some offense and Knicks fans want more minutes for him. Old Man Gibson still gives us valuable minutes.
  13. Cam gets some run and is inconsistent. He has a couple of HUGE games making everyone want him to start over Fournier, and throws up some clunkers too. Thibs never comes to love him.
  14. No major mid-season moves.
  15. Knicks win 45 games and either come in 9th or 8th. They go out first round of the playoffs but are competitive
  16. Fans complain we aren't young enough and we need a superstar.