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Reporters believe Donovan Mitchell trade will ‘eventually’ get done, but not soon

The Jazz wanted a massive package from the Knicks in the early talks regarding Donovan Mitchell’s upcoming trade

2022 NBA Playoffs - Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

SportsNet New York insider Ian Begley appeared on SportsNite yesterday to answer some questions and provide new updates on the ongoing trade negotiations between the Utah Jazz and the New York Knicks about a Donovan Mitchell trade.

Speaking live on the Inside Out section of the show, and asked how “it seems pretty likely a deal with happening” and if he “agrees with that sentiment and how close the deal might be”, Begley replied that “[he does agree] a deal eventually will get done here” while adding that he “would be surprised if it happens in the coming days.”.

Begley shed some light on the negotiations between the Jazz and the Knicks front offices by stating that “I think Utah knows where the Knicks stand in terms of what they’re comfortable offering and what they’re not comfortable offering.” More interestingly, Begley shared his view of the situation as one in which “[Utah’s position] right now is about what would other teams offer for Donovan Mitchell,” and added that “particularly Miami, maybe Brooklyn” might be the franchises with the biggest trade packages to offer and the strongest competitors for New York to bid in the run to acquire Mitchell this summer.

Discussing the timeline of the negotiations, Begley said that “this process could take longer than a week, longer than a couple of weeks, as Utah tries to figure out the market.” Of course, as Begley always made clear, “there is no trade deadline but I do think as you get to the opener of the regular season the Jazz would like the situation settled with Donovan Mitchell, and [they] wouldn’t want it lingering into the regular season.”

In fairness, it feels like the Knicks-Jazz negotiations are developing at a lightning-fast pace of late while there is no real reason for that to be the case. Fans of the Knicks are eager for a trade to get completed and announced (or entirely ditched, depending on the assessment of Mitchell’s talents and Utah’s demands) but the most beneficial way to approach such a huge transaction—and that goes for both franchises—is keeping hot feelings and reactionary moves at bay while the negotiations are still open.

Begley also offered his read of the trade developments by sharing something we had yet to hear regarding the Jazz demands: “Utah had asked about a package that included Mithcell Robinson, RJ Barrett, other players, and at least three first-round draft picks.” That is even larger than previously reported trade packages we have discussed in the past few days, those including up to six first-rounders and/or a massive haul of young, still-developing prospects such as Immanuel Quickley, Obi Toppin, and (of most interest for Utah) Quentin Grimes.

“Utah, at the least, sees RJ Barrett as a valuable return in this trade”, said Bagley while speaking live, though he calmed down New York’s fandom adding that “the Knicks don’t want to give up RJ Barrett”. Begley gave his two cents about the trade asserting that “I think there are other ways for the Knicks to get this deal done, particularly with all the picks that they had” though he acknowledged that “there is a lot up in the air, a lot of moving parts at the moment.”

It’s rather interesting and a fresh take to find out that Utah isn’t convinced about landing as many as six draft selections (all of them first-round picks, most probably including three from the Knicks plus three acquired from other franchises), but also wants multiple youngsters and even got to float the idea of including RJ Barrett/Mitchell Robinson in the negotiations, the two clear-cut franchise players of the Knicks outside of recently-signed Jalen Brunson.

The waters have calmed down a bit in the past few hours with other media members such as ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski echoing the feeling that these negotiations will drag out a bit more than reported when the first information about the upcoming deal between both franchises first popped up earlier this week.

With that in mind, though, you better keep that timeline refreshed because a deal is most definitely expected to happen and can do so any minute now.