The Spida coming to MSG but at what cost???

There have been several rumored offers and counter offer which makes it seem as a deal for Donovan Mitchell will happen between the Knick and the Jazz! Cheer up Knicks fans this is great and exciting news this will be the new era! The question now is what price do we pay to get him here?

I am going to give you my take on what I would give up to get him here and will also give you guys an extreme far fetched trade idea I'm sure no one has thought of.

I do think we need to bring Mitchell to MSG, he would immediately become the best player on the team, he would bring the Knicks to relevancy, he would bring the Knicks in to contention. Mitchell would also have one of the best supporting cast of his young career when he joins the Knicks. We are talking about a guy that lit up the playoffs in the bubble and the year after that (granted he did have a bad playoffs this year). We are also talking about a guy who is entering his prime who is a three time all star!!!!

What should it take to get the Spida to MSG? Well if the reports are correct that Ainge is looking to start over and would like picks and young players then I would settle on the following package:

Knicks get: Mitchell and Rudy Gay

Jazz gets: Fournier, Rose, McBride, Cam, Knicks 23 and 25 unprotected picks Knicks 27 pick top 7 protected, Dallas pick, Milwaukee pick, Washington pick, Knicks pick swap in 24 and 26.

In know this seems like giving up A LOT but we will have to pay a lot to get great talent! The plus side is we get to keep all our major young piece and we wouldn't have to give away the entire depth of the team. This IS NOT the Melo trade!!!! We will have our young guys who will grow and who we can go over the cap to sign! We will have Spida in his prime to go with Brunson and RJ and Obi and IQ and Grimes and Robinson!

Projected roster after the trade:






Thats a good deep team, that should be able to grow together and potentially contend!

And finally I would like to leave you guys with a trade idea out of left field:

This is a multi team trade:

Knicks get: D. Mitchell and OG Anunoby

Lakers get: Randle, Rose and Fournier (one last push for a title)

Jazz get: Westbook, Tucker-Horton, 2 Lakers future firsts, Knicks 23 and 25 first, Mavs first, Milwaukee first

Raptors get: M. Beasly and Knicks 24, 26 pick swap and and 27 first round pick top 5 protected and Detroit first

PS: Westbrook is an expiring deal for the Jazz who most likely would then get bought out and they get 6 picks and a young player. OG is disgruntled in Toronto so the raps get a good player in M Beasley and 2 firsts and 2 pick swaps

As for the Knicks:






If anyone has an off night we have such great depth and youth we can plug in the next guy. Thats a roster aged 25 and under that will be together for a LONG time that can grow together and can legit contend for a title!