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Spike Lee is making a TV series on the 1990s Knicks

Based on the Chris Herring’s book “Blood in the Garden”

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2022 NBA Draft Photo by Kostas Lymperopoulos/NBAE via Getty Images

Earlier this year, we were delighted to find out that former Knicks beat writer, Chris Herring was releasing his new book, Blood In The Garden: The Flagrant History of the 1990s New York Knicks. And we were even more delighted when we got a chance to sit down with the author and talk about his latest work. As the title suggests, the book dissects the Knicks, the city of New York, and arguably the most important and exciting decade for the franchise. It has gotten incredible reviews and was an instant New York Times Bestseller that even made former president Barack Obama’s (see below) summer reading list. So yesterday, when news broke that long-time Knicks fan and film director, Spike Lee had confirmed that he was working on a film series based on the aforementioned book, fans were ecstatic.

The Knicks have been the laughingstock of the league for a while now, and fans have been hearing about the futility of the franchise for decades. The added media attention could end up coming back to haunt fans, especially if the team has another disappointing season in the midst of a film series featuring them. That being said, Spike Lee is not only a passionate Knicks fan, but also a respected and talented movie director, create a series based on a very well-received book could do wonders for the franchise and the fanbase. There may be parts of the series that paints the franchise in a less than ideal light but with the current image and narrative surrounding the Knicks, could it really get worse? Fans already have to listen to Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman, who obviously don’t even watch the games closely, ridicule the Knicks no matter what they do, even if it means being hypocritical.

Currently, there are no timelines for the project and there are still many questions yet to be answered. But with recent basketball projects like The Last Dance, Winning Time, and Hustle all being successful, there is sure to be a lot of hype and expectations going forward not just from Knicks fans, but from basketball and film fans alike.