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Donovan Mitchell trade talks between the Knicks and Jazz have reportedly stalled

Patience is a virtue, they say.

Utah Jazz v New York Knicks Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

There hasn’t been much news on the Donovan Mitchell trade front of late. Jazz team president Danny Ainge is asking for the motherload of all trade packages, and Knicks president Leon Rose is driving a hard bargain...or so it would seem.

More evidence that this deal is far from done came Friday from Shams Charania. The always plugged-in Shams said that there hasn’t been contact between the two front offices in about two weeks.

Shams also mentioned that Ainge and the Jazz have reached out to other teams, including the Wizards and Hornets, gauging their interest. This pretty much follows the same pattern Ainge has been running during these negotiations. He knows nobody with interest in Mitchell can beat the pick package the Knicks can offer, so he’s leaking all kinds of crap about the “competitive” offers coming from other teams. We all know Mitchell ain’t going to DC for Kyle Kuzma and two firsts.

Meanwhile, this Shams report has elicited the usual reactions from many Knicks fans, some of whom are apparently posting anti-Rose screeds from the OR.

Even if you believe that we must get Donovan Mitchell at all costs — and I do not — I think we all should be able to agree that we don’t need him in July. Can the other Mitchell contenders, like Miami or Charlotte, magically pull together a package to beat the Knicks’ best offer? Hell no. If they could, they would have done so by now. Just relax, please. Go swimming. Drink a mojito. This isn’t getting resolved any time soon.