22-23 season in the Eastern Conference

First I’m a semi delusional Knick fan.


There is turmoil in the East. Celtics coaching staff, Ball’s injured foot, Simmons mental status, and Hawks and Cavs chemistry issues with new personnel.

That being said let me work backwards.

The 5 teams I feel the Knicks are better than are Pacers, Hornets, Pistons, Wizards, and Magic

That means the 10 seed

If Ball is out we can pass the Bulls

if Simmons doesn’t suit up and the media makes KD and Kyrie sulk we can pass the Nets

if the Cavs or the Hawks struggle with team chemistry with their new additions we can pass them also

That means we can get up to 6. Unlikely but in the realm of possibility

Even I am not looking at top 5. I’m only semi delusional

do I think we get to 6? Not really. 7? I don’t think so. 8? Maybe 9? Possible.

Watch the season. Be delusional. Let’s get that 6 seed