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Jazz guard Malik Beasley is one trade target who could help the Knicks improve three-point shooting

A Knicks team that has had trouble shooting the ball this season should target a volume shooter that plays in Utah.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Utah Jazz Photo by Jeff Swinger/NBAE via Getty Images

Sitting in the bottom 10 in the NBA for three-point percentage, the Knicks really need someone who can help with shooting. Although the Utah Jazz started out really strong, they have come back to earth this season. Now under .500 with the All-Star break in about a month, Utah could look to be sellers.

One name that makes sense for the Knicks to look at is shooting guard Malik Beasley. In literal terms, a “shooting guard” is really what the Knicks could use. When it comes to three-pointers made per game, the Knicks are right around average at 12 per game. The discouraging part of that stat is that they take about 35 three-pointers game, in the top ten of the league. With a lot of attempts have come a lot of misses. At just under 34%, New York is one of the worst three-point shooting teams percentage-wise.

Beasley is making $15.4 million this before making $16.5 million on a club option next season, and will become an unrestricted free agent in 2024.

In just 26.7 minutes per game, Beasley hits 3.1 three-pointers a game on 8.6 attempts. Those 3.1 threes would instantly become tops on the Knicks. At 36 percent, Malik is not shooting it as well as the previous two seasons, but he has a fairly strong track record in the NBA.

With over 65% of his points coming from the three-point line, Beasley knows what kind of player he is. A guy that can get hot on the right night but also someone who will consistently knock down the long ball. Beasley is a career 82% foul shooter and could be super valuable closing out games for the Knicks.

A team that has had struggles shooting from deep and closing games from the foul line, have a potential lifeline sitting in Salt Lake City.

Sign me up and let’s get a deal done.