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January P&T mailbag invitational

Let’s dance.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at New York Knicks Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

So it’s January and youse and meese haven’t mailbagged in a very long time. And there’s so much we could be gabbing about.

The Knicks continue to exceed expectations, though they’re doing so by reverting to essentially a 7-man rotation with three months left in the regular season. Julius Randle and Jalen Brunson could/should both make the All-Star team, but I hear people as quick to praise them as they are to talk about how each player’s contract makes them agreeable trade bait for Superstar X. New York is jostling for playoff positioning with Indiana, Miami and Atlanta, rivals both recent and longstanding. Got questions? Ask.

Maybe you wanna look ahead. Which if any of the East’s top teams might the Knicks match up well with in a playoff series? What about the draft? The Knicks currently hold their pick and the Dallas first, which currently means two picks in the 20s, a range where the current front office has had success drafting. Are there prospects or archetypes you’d like to see them go after? Would you rather package the picks in a deal, and if so, for what? Whenever the Tom Thibodeau era runs its course, how might one look back on it? Is Mr. Thibs so intensely himself that the next coach has to be a response to that, in one way or another?

Maybe you prefer to look back. Maybe the 2023 Knicks give 2011 Knick vibes, and you wanna explore it. Maybe you’ve heard a name from back in the day you’d like to know more about — Charles Smith; Trent Tucker; Dave Riordan. Maybe you’ve imagined a reality where the NBA has no NYC team, and in that dimension your favorite team is . . . who?

Maybe you have P&T questions about how the sausage gets made. Maybe there are questions you’d love to pose to the staff.

Share your questions in the comments or on this invite’s Tweet. I’ll try to get back to you all next week.