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NBA Trade Rumors: The latest buzz surrounding Cam Reddish, Derrick Rose, Miles McBride

Who’ll end up staying and who’ll end up leaving?

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NBA: New York Knicks at Memphis Grizzlies Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s nearly impossible to start a Knicks trade rumor piece without mentioning Cam Reddish so we’ll start there. There were thoughts that no team was willing to meet the Knicks current asking price of two second round picks for a player that hasn’t played a game in nearly two months. But with the February 9th trade deadline not too far away, it seems that things have started to shift. While rival teams once believed that the Knicks, who have very little leverage in this situation, would lower their asking price eventually and settle for just one second round pick, there are now rumors that there are already standing offers that include multiple picks. The Knicks are reportedly still interested in bringing in some bench help so there’s a chance they turn down the picks and go after a guy like Grayson Allen but it’s become very clear that regardless of which direction the team goes with, it’s just a matter of time before Reddish is dealt.

Another player that been linked to trade rumors in the past few months, is veteran point guard Derrick Rose. The team has yet to find a deal to “do right” by Rose and is now open to keeping him past the trade deadline. If that does end up happening, the team has a couple of options. New York could hold on to him until the offseason and look for ways to use his $15.6 million contract as a convenient salary-matcher or they could explore the possibility of buying him out and allowing him to sign with a contender this season. Regardless, it seems like things remain fluid with the former MVP and that multiple options are on the table.

One player that seems to be in the Knicks long-term plans (unlike the aforementioned two players) is Miles McBride. According to league sources, multiple inquiries have been about about the reserve guard but the Knicks have “decisively” turned them down. This is somewhat surprising given the team’s depth at the guard position but apparently, they like the young guard for the long haul. That now makes two backup point guards (McBride and Immanuel Quickley) that the Knicks have become very reluctant on trading.

Last but not least is Evan Fournier. While some fans want the Knicks to part ways with the sharp shooter, it may be unlikely that they get their wish. New York is willing to include Fournier in a deal, evident by their attempts to package him in a deal with the aforementioned Reddish, but it would have to be the right one. Given the fact that the team would still be over the salary cap next season with or without him, it doesn’t benefit them to use a pick or two to send him away as solely a salary dump. And due to him being guaranteed $18.9 next season, it’s easy to see why teams aren’t necessarily rushing to inquire about him. The French shooting guard does still seems to want to find a way to make it work in New York though.

“I want to stay here. I want to play here,” he recently told the New York Post’s Zach Braziller. And as of now, it’s looking increasingly likely that he’ll be a Knick past the trade deadline.

With the always exciting NBA trade deadline just two weeks away and the team looking to offload a couple of guys while improving the roster, New York should be a mainstay in trade rumors so be sure to check back in periodically to stay up to date.