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Nets 122, Knicks 115: Scenes from the yet another loss to Brooklyn

At least it was close, I guess?

NBA: New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks haven’t beaten the Brooklyn Nets in a long time. That sad fact remains the same following Saturday evening’s desultory 122-115 loss.

At least we can say that these Knicks don’t quit, as they fought back from 19 points down and had a fair chance to complete the comeback. Sadly, they were thwarted by the efforts of Kyrie Irving, who still occasionally plays basketball when he’s not spreading antivax and antisemitic conspiracy theories. Good gravy, that dude sucks.

Anyway, the Nets shot a preposterous 22-40 from beyond the arc. Most of that was do to some lazy New York defense, and some of it was due to some impressive Brooklyn shot-making.

Jalen Brunson (26 points) and RJ Barrett (24 points) led the scoring charge for the Knicks. Julius Randle had a rough shooting game (1-6 from three), but he did have an impressive eight assists.

The next time they play the Nets, Kevin Durant will probably be back. Alas. Recap to come.