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Quentin Grimes recognized by JJ Redick, tribute video, alma mater

Ample affection for the jet-setting junior.

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Back in July, New York Knick Quentin Grimes trained with NBA shooting legend J.J. Redick.

The 23-year-old gunslinger spent time with the Vet’s family and in the gym getting shots up and working on the tricks of the trade. Of their time together in the Hamptons, Quentin said JJ taught him, “How he comes off pick and rolls, down screens, pin-downs, floppy action.”

They worked out again together recently, and Redick praised Grimes on Instagram.

“Fun day back in the gym w/ Quentin Grimes. Q is an easy guy to coach. Worked today on shot & footwork variability, creating space with cuts and one dribbles, and being an athlete when spotting up. Excited to see this guy play this season,” wrote Redick.

This summer, Quentin has received a generous amount of love. Another honor he received was the retirement of his number by the Woodlands College Park High School. As a student there, Grimes earned accolades including All-Greater Houston Player of the Year, the Gatorade State Player of the Year, and a McDonald’s All-American.

That was all before he trotted off to college and led Houston to a Final Four appearance.

Last week, he was the subject of a slick video produced for called “Quentin Grimes is a Hometown Hero.” Upon viewing this retrospective of his young career, I felt immediately compelled to check ticket prices for home games. Well done, marketing department:

An injury sidelined Grimes at the start of the 2022-23 campaign, but he healed quickly and claimed the starting two guard spot from Evan Fournier.

Selected 25th overall in the 2021 NBA Draft, Grimes has proven his value to the club with sticky defense (see: the one-legged steal against Jimmy Butler in the semis) and promising offensive skills.

Yet, when Josh Hart arrived in February, Grimes’ minutes decreased from about 31 minutes per game to about 28. And this offseason, the Knicks acquired Donte DiVincenzo, a quality shooting guard who also brings defensive chops. While Grimes is expected to retain his starting job, he might find himself fighting for late game minutes, depending on whose hand is hot.

Grimes has demonstrated a steady, positive mindset since joining the NBA and a dedication to adding new tricks to his bag annually. His abilities have been recognized by coaches, fellow players, and even Team USA, which recruited him for scrimmages against the main squad that was headed to the FIBA World Cup. After watching the clips of him shooting in Redick’s gym, I can’t wait to see him lay scorch marks in the Garden this season.