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Knicks Media Roundup: Lupica wants a title, Bondy predicts an RJ move, and Julius sings

Filling time until opening night tip-off.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 11 Photo by: Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images

New York Knicks basketball returns tonight! Here are three tidbits to whet your appetite until the first jumpball.

Lupica wonders when the New York Knicks will be NBA title contenders

Today in the NY Daily News, Mike Lupica wrote about how the Knicks—led by President Leon Rose and Coach Tom Thibodeau—have evolved into a respectable middle-class, Eastern Conference team. Although they have overcome past struggles, they still lack a superstar, and despite their young and athletic roster, they face stiff competition from top teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics. Per Lupica, the Knicks’ need a neon-glowing name like Joel Embiid or Luka Dončić as they continue to strive for greater success in the league. Hot takes, all. Read his article here. (Paywalled)

Bondy gives three preditions and games to watch

At the NY Post, Stefan Bondy offered his three “bold predictions” about the upcoming season and highlighted five games to watch.

Not to spoil the surprises, but Stef predicts RJ Barrett would be demoted to the bench. Bondy writes, “It’d mean less minutes for the 23-year-old wing but can help unlock Quentin Grimes.” He also gives his list of five games to watch, which includes the Halloween matchup with Cleveland and Victor Wembanyama’s first game at Madison Square Garden on November 8. Read his full article here.

Julius Randle appeared on the Tonight Show

Julius Randle made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show. The most important takeaway from the interview: Kyden Randle is as hard on his dad as we are. Last season, following the snap of a long win-streak, the disappointed Randle child suggested that his paterfamilias should be traded. That’s cold, Kyden. (Email me if you ever want to write for P&T.)

New York’s starting power forward also discussed his connection to Kobe Bryant and showed off his new signature Skechers sneaker, which he plans to wear on the court. Perish these visions I have of Zion Williamson’s sneaker explosions. . . .

The interview can be found here. But the strangest clip from the night . . . was this. Behold: Julius sings.

Don’t quit your day job, Ju . . . which you’ll be doing tonight at Madison Square Garden! Against the Boston Celtics! At 7pm!

Go Knicks!