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Make the most of FanPosts

An opportunity to share your thoughts with a wider audience.

Miami Heat v New York Knicks - Game Two Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

If you have never meandered around the Posting and Toasting site, you might have missed the section called FanPosts. It’s cool. This area, although linked from the navigation menu, is often overlooked.

As the name suggests, FanPosts is where fans can write posts. As defined by SBNation: “FanPosts are for publishing substantial ideas, opinions and inquiries.” Writing a FanPost is an easy way to share your thoughts about the Knicks, or the NBA at large, or wax poetic.

You are hereby invited and encouraged to avail yourselves of the FanPosts section. Do you have bold predictions for the upcoming season? Think there’s a star player for whom the team should gut itself? Want to compile a list of the ten best basketball movies? Go write about it.

There is a help guide to get you started, but pshaw—you can figure it out.

What’s more, we will be following FanPosts activity more closely than we have in the past. In fact, if a piece rises above the rest, with insightful writing about the Knickerbockers, we will re-publish the article here on the main site and promote it through our social media channels. That will give you and your composition a much larger platform. Imagine what that will do for your brand. . . .

I look forward to reading your work. And don’t contact me for tech support.