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Celtics 114, Knicks 98: “Rucker Hart”

Disclaimer: No commenter posted that in the chat.

Wendy Williams Birthday Party at Tens Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage

The New York Knicks (5-5) lost a basketball game to the Boston Celtics (8-2) at TD Garden, 114-98, on Monday.

Our own Russell Richardson has most of your game-recap needs covered with his very detailed, elaborate, comprehensive, thorough, succinct, meticulous, and nuancedly curated Scenes.

Russell (like Monta) did it all. He wrote more than 750 words. Included a link to the box score!

Russell typed this about the play of the game: “This crazy play briefly gave this writer irrational hope that the Knicks might turn this around. Caught off-balance behind the arc, Hart bounced the ball off Holiday’s back and swished a corner three. As you do.”

Here is what he saw and what inspired that paragraph.

That’s the most hood play you’ve witnessed on an NBA court since Skip 2 My Lou graced them.

That’s Rucker Hart hooping in Beantown.

That’s Walt Frazier’s words incarnated, morphed into a basketball play pulled off in the legendary hardwood of the Fake Garden.

Jalen Brunson? Sharing and caring.

Josh Hart? Rising and surprising.

Jrue Holiday? Used and abused.

Bostonian fans? Stumbling and bumbling.

Knickerbocker faithful? Moving and grooving.

The video above is from OGs. The video above, however, was made (although nobody really knew back then) for you all precocious neophytes lost in the currentness of our contemporary times.

It’s a shame Rafer Alston—aka Skip 2 My Lou, aka Mixtape Jesus—a Queens, New York native, Benjamin Cardozo HS standout, and Fresno State legend, never got to wear the New York Knicks uniform.

Alston spent 11 years in the NBA, played for the Bucks, the Raps, the Heat, the Rocks, the Magic... and finally, he was back home taking reps for the New Jersey (no, not yet Brooklyn) Nets.

One point shy of a career 6,800. One board above 1,890. Two dimes over 3,200. Long live the king.

Welcome to the AND 1 fam, Josh Hart. You made the cut.