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Posting and Toasting merchandise available now, again

Show your affection for P&T by wearing our logo on your person.

Your wishes have come true. We are excited to introduce our Posting and Toasting merchandise store. Now you can proudly promote your favorite Knicks’ blog and demonstrate your passion for the best Knicks community around. Yes, there used to be a P&T fanstore, but the dust was over an inch thick and the links were broken. Plus, this new one has more stuff!

Our merch marketplace is as much of a bargain as possible. All goods at the merch store are priced at cost, without mark-up. What you will pay is what it costs to make and ship. In stock are over a dozen high-quality items, including shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, and more, each adorned with that eye-catching P&T emblem.

More products will be added over time. We’ll even get funky with the designs. Sky’s the limit.

What could be better than wearing a Posting and Toasting hoodie while hate-posting in a P&T comments section? Embrace your duplicity with these fine threads:

So why wait? Shop the store at or anytime via our site’s navigation bar. Go Knicks!