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The Knicktion section is open for all your New York Knicks fan-fics

A repository for all your Knicks-related, dribbling-inspired scribbling.

The New York Knicks have the most literate fans in the world. Our sports pages are better than your sports pages. William Goldman attended games before he died; Woody Allen, too, before his career expired. Mary Gaitskill once shot me with a t-shirt gun. Madison Square Garden is practically the Algonquin Hotel.

To all you fiction-writing Knicks fans, here’s a proposition: Write a Knicks-related fan-fiction as a FanPost, and if it passes our illustrious review board (which does not include Deborah Treisman), we will promote your work to the extravagantly furnished “Knicktion” section of our site. What’s more, you’ll be mentioned on our socials. Your name blasted to tons of followers! I’ll bet your agent can’t get you that kind of heat.

Rules for Knicktions

  1. No extreme content. We will decline anything so extreme it would cause the SBNation family to ban us from the dinner table. And, please, no graphic accounts of Derek Fisher’s romantic escapades. We’re talking PG-13, baby. Sorry, Charles: somebody else can boost your tale of Dennis Cooper luring Dennis Smith, Jr into a musty bondage dungeon.
  2. Nothing that could get us sued for libel. Life is stressful enough.
  3. Keep it under 3000 words, Trollope.
  4. Don’t plagiarize or chatbot.
  5. Your piece must have some relation to the New York Knicks.
  6. Expect more rules.

This could be a total bust. Who cares? We are mixing things up, exploring new directions. Colson Whitehead with a jumpshot! Astronauts in Oz! Right now in Knicktion, you’ll find two FanPost pieces by BoofusMaladroit and one fever dream from Abe Beame. When there’s time, we’ll comb the archives for other Knicks fictions. If you remember one that deserves a consideration, drop me a line.

Get to work, scribblers and dribblers.