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Chelsea Leite of RaptorsHQ shares opinions on OG Anunoby, Precious Achiuwa, and Malachi Flynn

Great things to say about OG . . . a bit more reserved about Precious and Malachi.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Toronto Raptors John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

When the news broke about a trade sending Knicks’ players Immanuel Quickley and RJ Barrett (plus a pick) to the Toronto Raptors for OG Anunoby, Precious Achiuwa, and Malachi Flynn, Chelsea Leite of RaptorsHQ peppered me with questions about the incoming players. Today in a bit of quid pro quo, she returns the favor.

What will OG bring to the Knicks both offensively and defensively?

Chelsea Leite: Offensively he is an excellent 3 point shooter with the size to shoot over most of his defensive assignments. He’s a good cutter and finisher at the rim as well. He’s been improving Year by year on his handle and passing ability just by nature of the raptors “positionless basketball” approach.

Defensively, the guy is a brick wall. He can defend anyone — Giannis, KD, Embiid you name it. He’s freaking huge but also fast and makes his match ups annoyed. It’s extremely fun to have on your team.

Last season Nick Nurse would bench Precious at times, per my research. Has his consistency improved this season?

CL: …No. He’s been on the edge of the rotation this season. He shows flashes of promise but they’ve never lasted long enough to get me 100% bought in. He’s also dealt with a lot of inconsistency in his time with the Raptors so maybe having a clear purpose will help him.

Why should Knicks fans be excited about getting OG?

CL: On the court, he’s the silent but deadly type. Can quietly get you 20+ points while also keeping the other teams best player locked up. He never complains, is never dramatic, just works.

Off the court he’s a great guy. Down to earth, humble, hilarious, gives a great quote. There’s a reason he is so beloved here.

Is OG’s shooting for real? I always hear about his accuracy, but haven’t seen much of it when he played the Knicks.

CL: He’s been slightly inconsistent this season but it is real. He’s clutch but also quiet about it so sometimes you don’t even realize he’s scored like 4-6 from three until you look at the box score after. He’s not a flashy kind of player, and isn’t the type to show emotion on the court so I find sometimes that means he flies under the radar.

Is Flynn just a throw-in, or is there some value there as a bench player? I seem to remember him scoring 900 points in a scrimmage game last summer. . . .

CL: Oh, Malachi. Poor guy has had a rough go of it. Drafted in 2020, rookie season in Tampa, gets a lot of mins while the team tanks for Scottie and then is iced out until literally this season. I’m sure he is capable of improvement but he’s never been given a chance to even really play much. What we have seen from him has left many things to be desired but also he has those flashes like that pro am game or a good shooting stint. I’m not sold on him myself, but maybe a fresh scenery after some not so good years will help him.

Has OG reached his ceiling? Where do you see room for improvement?

CL: He says he wants to be involved more offensively and I think a team like the Knicks who are currently lacking in the front court will be a great place for him. He’s had to fight for mins and touches against Siakam and Barnes which means he obv didn’t get as many as he’d like. The Raptors Philosophy of positionless basketball has helped him improve his handle and passing so maybe he can further improve there. I think once he sees more of the basketball in his hands he can be an extremely strong offensive threat. His defence is already DPOY worthy.

The Knicks need help at center with Robinson out. Has Precious played much center position, and how did he do if so?

CL: He has, and it’s been inconsistent. Sometimes he rebounds the house down and sometimes he makes frustrating fumbles. There is promise there but we’ve never seen it for long enough to be sold on him. I think Masai brought him in as a sophomore hoping he’d turn into a strong back up 4/5 and he just never did, so it was time to try something else.

Thank you Chelsea for your thoughtful answers! Good luck with our boys, RJ and IQ!