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Do the Knicks have enough? Old School dudes say ‘No!’

New York sizing up the trade market leading up to the Dec. 15 (virtual) grand opening? ‘Yes!’ Shams says.

Phoenix Suns v New York Knicks Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Nothing like a defeat at the hands of the No. 1 team in the East to build a solid case against the New York Knicks chances at hoisting the chip, am I right?

Ask some Ancient Hoopers Club members out there currently sitting in broadcasting booths and television studios, and you’ll get what you’d expect from there.

Let’s review what has been said and heard across the Association about our beloved Knickerbockers following their crashing out of the In-Season Tournament!

Charles Barkley: “What are you saying those picks for?”

Chuckster at it. “Ernie—last three years, the Knicks got the same team, am I correct?” he started. “They haven’t added anything new. Thinking this move is gonna end differently... it’s not gonna end differently.

“The Knicks need to make a trade because they’re at best... and looking at the standings they’re not even there—Boston, Milwaukee, and Philly; they’re on a whole level in the Eastern Conference.”

Barkley kept on going, stating “The Knicks need to make a trade.

“They could get a good matchup as the last year when they manhandled the Cavs... but they’re not going to beat those top-3 teams with this team.”

Per Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News, Barkley made clear the Knicks must make a trade.

“Brunson’s the best player on the team. But they need to do something,” Barkley said. “I hate teams that are mediocre or good solid teams—You’re not a contender. What are you saving those draft picks for?”

Kenny Smith: “They don’t have a player that’s better than Banchero.”

“This is why the Knicks are gonna stay in the middle,” started Smith. “Every game that they play, they always have the second-best player.

“You play Boston? You’ve got the second or third-best player. You play Orlando, with Banchero? They don’t have a player that’s better than Banchero. Milwaukee? We know they don’t. Philadelphia? They don’t. The Indiana Pacers? Tyrese Haliburton is the best player. If you play the Miami Heat? Jimmy Butler is the best player on the floor. If you play the Cleveland Cavaliers? You have Donovan Mitchell.”

Paolo Banchero. Jalen Brunson.

“You don’t have the best player on the floor no night. Now, they can play better than you, but they’re not walking into the gym and saying ‘That’s a better player’.”

Jalen Brunson. Paolo Banchero.

Nuff’ said.

Jalen Rose: “I still see them as a first-round exit”

Former Knickerbocker and Fab Fiver J-Rose spoke to NJ Advance Media Wednesday. His words were gold.

“Jalen Brunson is a winner. He is a terrific player—sky’s the limit! But I don’t think they have enough to be a consistent contending team and I still see them as a first-round exit.”

Gut punch!

The voices are growing (older) and louder each passing day. Will Thibs change his starting lineup by demoting Quentin Grimes? Will the Knicks finally be open to including QG, IQ, or even RJ in a superstar-landing trade?

They might do, but not until Dec. 15!