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Knicks 124, Nets 106: Scenes from Villanova excellence

Jalen, Josh and friends got it done

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Huzzah, the streak is dead! The Knicks had lost nine games in a row to the Brooklyn Nets. As much fun as we had clowning Brooklyn for the bizarre antics of the Kevin Durant/Kyrie Irving Era, there was no doubt that those dudes owned us. But now they are gone, and the Knicks took full advantage Monday night. These new Nets are talented, but they lack a, say, Jalen Brunson. Brooklyn’s swarm of long-limbed defenders was no match for Brunson, who dropped 40 points on 15-21 shooting.

The newest Knick — and Brunson’s former Villanova teammate — Josh Hart also relived their dominant college days with 27 points of his own. This dude is legit.

Credit to Tom Thibodeau: I worried that Brooklyn’s size on the perimeter would scare him into playing big, but he rode the Knicks’ all-killers backcourt of Brunson, Hart and Immanuel Quickley (14 points, 5 assists) to victory. They established themselves late in the third quarter, and made Brooklyn quit in the fourth. It was wonderful to watch.

One game left until the All-Star break. Let’s win that one, too!