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You Knicks-centric All-Star weekend wrap-up

Julius and Jericho were involved.

NBA: 72nd NBA All-Star Game Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When Quentin Grimes wrecked the competition in Friday night’s Rising Stars competition, it looked like the Knicks might have a lot of success during All-Star weekend. Sadly, this was not the case. To be honest, Saturday and Sunday night were a couple of duds.

Let’s start with the three-point contest. Julius Randle was a last-minute replacement, which earned the ire of many three-point efficiency simps on Twitter. Julius didn’t exactly prove the haters wrong, though, scoring only 13 in a first-round elimination. He didn’t finish in last place, however — Kevin Huerter only had eight points.

In the Slam Dunk contest, Jericho Sims also bowed out in the first round. Mac McClung, who’s career up to this point can only be described as “NBA-adjacent,” took home the prize.

The All-Star Game itself wasn’t much fun, as the intensity was low, even by All-Star Game standards. Randle was picked for Team LeBron, leading many Knicks fans to joke that the NBA’s all-time scoring leader is definitely ready to force his way to New York this summer. I dunno, I could get behind a Brunson/Grimes/LeBron/Julius/Mitch starting lineup. Anyway, Julius acquitted himself well in the game, scoring 11 points.

OK, enough of this All-Star crap. The Knicks are actually good. Let’s get back to the season.