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February P&T mailbag invite

Just because the Knicks are on break doesn’t mean we are

NBA: All Star-Saturday Night Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Do you miss the New York Knicks? I don’t. Not yet, anyway. I’m enjoying a rare nine-day stretch of no games, which is my wont given I recap 70 games per season. It’s been an oasis of relaxation, leaving me free to focus on my other teams. There’s the Mets, whose capitalist-endgame owner has 29 billionaires wetting themselves with fear so badly they’re already upset about a CBA they approved only one year ago. Or how about Manchester City, now being taken to court by the Premier League itself for allegedly lying about their finances for over a decade, and facing possible expulsion? You know what? Let’s talk some Knicks.

As per usual, there’s plenty to choose from. Should Leon Rose quit playing starfucker already and let a good, solid team continue to grow, and trust that the right star will see and love the Knicks for who they are? Tom Thibodeau has a good chance to enter a fourth year as New York’s head coach, something we haven’t seen since Jeff Van Gundy (Mike D’Antoni did coach three years and part of a fourth, but the first two seasons were purely tank jobs). If Thibs stays on, is that a good thing ‘cuz “organizational stability,” or a bad thing because . . . well, you know your complaints. How much do we already love Josh Hart, and how high might he rise in the rankings? Could Hartsanity be a thing?

Who would you rather New York face in the first round: Boston? Milwaukee? Philadelphia? Cleveland? The Cavs are the most beatable, but the other three would be sooooo much fun to bother. The Knicks hold Dallas’ 1st-round pick in June — what position or area would you look to strengthen? Or would you take the highest upside at that point, regardless of fit? If the Knicks — make sure you’re sitting — don’t win the title this year, who would you want to see win? Or definitely, definitely NOT see win?

See? Questions are easy. Share yours below, or if you feel like making extra work for me go to Twitter and share it there. Maybe I’ll see it. Maybe I won’t. Either way: MLB and the EPL?