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Knicks sign Duane Washington Jr. to two-way deal

New York finds its Winston Zedmore: an inexplicable late edition to a team that’s succeeding

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Phoenix Suns Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The first time I did acid, it was supposed to be one tab. It ended up being three because “If some is good, more is better, right?” A few hours later an angel in a trenchcoat was following me with a 10-foot pencil trying to erase me from existence, so interpret “better” however you like. There’s no interpretation needed to understand the New York Knicks of late: they’ve been good, then gooder, and are right now gooding all over the NBA. Maybe one more Knick is better.

Duane Washington Sr. had a cup of coffee with the New Jersey Nets in 1988 and an espresso with the Clippers in 1993. You’re probably more familiar with his brother, fella by the name of Derek Fisher. Fisher’s nephew, Washington Jr., is in his second season as a pro. Last year the 6-foot-3 combo guard played 48 games for Indiana, averaging 10 points a night, scoring 20+ four times and putting up 17 against the Knicks in January 2022. This year with Phoenix he scored 20+ four times in 31 games, again netting double-digits against the Knicks in January. The career 37% shooter from 3 turns 23 late in March and is evidently a big fan of small cuties.

This is more about filling a roster spot than anything else. Washington will most likely be the end-of-the-bench player tasked with the thankless task of being New York’s new garbáge time guard, a position currently held by Derrick Rose. If Rose v. Washington ever becomes an issue, it’ll mean the Knicks are blowing teams out, meaning it won’t be an issue but instead something to celebrate. We’ll see.