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Jalen Brunson already set a new career high for three-pointers made in a season

The Knicks point guard has taken major strides from deep in his fifth year in the league.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at New York Knicks Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

After signing what seemed like a hefty contract at the time, Jalen Brunson has exceeded expectations in New York. The 17th highest-paid point guard in the league based on AAV, one could even argue the Knicks' point guard is underpaid.

Jalen Brunson hit a milestone Tuesday, knocking down his 95th three-pointer of the season. Blowing past his previous total of 94, he did it in 27 fewer games and 18 fewer attempts.

Brunson’s shooting this season has probably surprised many Knicks fans (including myself). Coming over from Dallas, the most threes he ever hit in a season was 94. The 2020-21 season saw him shoot 40.5 percent but that was only on 2.9 attempts per game in 68 games. Upping his attempts the next season, JB shot 37.3 percent on 3.2 attempts per game in 79 appearances. Known more for his ability to slash, being a 35-37 percent shooter from deep felt likely for what we would see in New York. It would’ve been a good not great percentage but the Knicks were setting the team up with other pieces that could shoot.

As Brunson has now hit the personal milestone, it’s important to remember and look back at how the season started for him shooting the ball.

Slow start to the season:

Jalen Brunson's Knicks' tenure began with a slump from deep. The Knicks' shiny new acquisition shot 33.3 percent (8/28) from three in six October games to start the season. It got even worse in November. Trying to find his shot, Brunson connected on just 22 of 69 from deep. Shooting 31.9 percent on 4.3 attempts per game. The Knicks as a whole shot poorly from three in October and November. Finishing with the eighth-worst three-point percentage in October and fourth-worst in November.

December/January jump:

We moved to December where he hit 22/49 threes, 44.9 percent, a big improvement.

Brunson was able to carry that December improvement into January. Shooting the most attempts per game in any month in his career, he knocked down 34 of 76 attempts. That’s 2.3 makes on 5.1 attempts for 44.7 percent. His shooting was really important to a Knicks team that still was only 20th in three-point percentage in January.

Rookie year to present day:

The 33rd pick in the 2018 NBA draft, Jalen Brunson came into the league as more of a slasher.

Here were his rookie year shooting numbers:

0.9 3PM/ 2.5 3PA (34.8%) {63/181 in 73 games played}

20-24 Feet: 31/92 (33.7%)

25-29 Feet: 31/84 (36.9%)

Left Corner 3: 9/33 (27.3%)

Right Corner 3: 8/23 (34.8%)

Above the Break 3: 46/124 (37.1%)

48 of 63 assisted

15 of 63 unassisted

2022-23 shooting:

1.8 3PM/ 4.5 3PA (40.6%) {95/234 in 52 games}

20-24 Feet: 45/91 (49.5%)

25-29 Feet: 46/135 (34.1%)

Left Corner 3: 11/19 (57.9%)

Right Corner 3: 11/32 (34.4%)

Above the Break 3: 69/176 (39.2%)

57 of 95 assisted

35 of 95 unassisted

Is there plenty of room for improvement? Of course, it would be great if he could get that above the break three to 40+ percent.

Focusing more on the positives, this article is to celebrate Brunson for the leaps he’s taken. Becoming more comfortable generating threes on his own, improving percentages, and really stepping up on a team that has struggled shooting.

Fast forward to the All-Star break approaching and Brunson is shooting over 40 percent from three. What he has done this season is impressive, shows growth, and only raises the ceiling of the should’ve been All-Star.

Congrats Jalen Brunson, thanks for choosing to sign with us.

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