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Knicks 112, Lakers 108: Scenes from a gritty win in Tinseltown

New York beats the Lakers for the first time in LA since 2019 to end their losing streak.

New York Knicks v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

An the award for the best road win on Sunday night in the NBA goes to — probably, but who cares, really — the Knicks!

No Jalen Brunson. No LeBron James, but an entertaining game as always between the Knicks and Lakers in LA saw the Knicks secure their first win out west against the Lakers since 2019.

And you guessed it, the leading man for New York was none other than Julius Randle.

Randle finished with 33 points and set the tempo without Brunson in the lineup. RJ Barrett also stepped up with a big night and had 30 points while filling the supporting role extremely well.

More of Randle and Barrett in the second half helped the Knicks gain control down the stretch.

And of course it’s LA so it was a must-see ending, but this time the Knicks celebrated as the credits rolled.

One that will tug at the Hart-strings no doubt. Now, the moment you didn’t ask for but I know you’ve been waiting for...

The “Best Picture” award! And it goes to...Julius Randle! Sealing a memorable night in LA with a kiss!

The Knicks end the losing streak and now head to Portland as the west coast trip continues. Keep that popcorn on hand folks!