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5 stats that show just how good these Knicks are

Let the good times roll

NBA: New York Knicks at Washington Wizards Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

BREAKING NEWS: These New York Knicks are really good. And the stats back that up. Below are five stats which show just how good they have been this season.

Since 1990, only seven teams have had three players average 20-plus PPG on the same team.

And with 10 games left, the Knicks have the potential to become the eighth team to do so as they have Julius Randle averaging 25.2 PPG, Jalen Brunson averaging 23.8 PPG, and RJ Barrett on the verge of joining them with an average of 19.9 PPG. And regardless of if Barrett can get over the magical 20 PPG line, these three have made it very clear that they, even with their flaws, are a very good trio. Not bad for a group that went into the season being labeled as the “Mid 3.”

Julius Randle is the first player in NBA history to score more than 1800 points, grab more than 725 rebounds, dish out more than 250 assists, and make more than 200 3-pointers in one season.

Now, this is what some would call a “cookie cutter” or “butter-knifed” stat as it is pretty specific. But it is still impressive nonetheless. Randle, who many wanted off the team last year, came in to the season as a big question mark but has been everything fans could have every dreamt of and more. On his way to having a career-year, he’s cut down on the questionable mid range jump shots, his three-point shooting has been a very pleasant surprise, he has been dominant on the boards, his decision making has been way better and his negative body language has improved significantly. Randle still has his off nights, and he may not be a top-five player in the league, but he, in his own unique way, has put together an incredible season that has blended scoring, shooting, rebounding and playmaking, and that is something we should all be be proud of.

In his last three games, RJ Barrett is shooting 62/104 from inside the arc.

Barrett, much like the aforementioned Randle, has seen and heard his share of criticism as one of the faces of the franchise. And to his credit, he has stepped up as of late. The young wing’s three-point percentages over those eight games remain a concern as he is shooting just 17.8% on 4.6 attempts per game, but his overall shooting percentage of 47% during that span have been buoyed by his recent hot streak around the rim. If Barrett can replicate, or even come close to, this kind of efficiency inside the arc, he’ll be a valuable and dangerous asset in the playoffs, even if his outside shooting doesn't pick back up.

Josh Hart has had at least eight points, eight rebounds, and four assists off the bench in his last five games, something that only Larry Bird and Detlef Schrempf have ever done as reserves.

As part of an incredibly important bench unit that has played a massive role in the Knicks’ recent success, Hart has done it all. His unique yet valuable combination of transition scoring, rebounding, defense, hustle, and playmaking continues to make him a fan-favorite and there’s no doubt that Hart, who has played more than 30 minutes in his last eight games, will continue being an integral part of the Knicks going forward.

The Knicks swept the Nuggets in a season series for the first time since 2003, won in Portland for the first time since 2015, had a 40 win season for the first time since 2013, had beat the Sixers for the first time since 2017 and have already won 42 games despite being predicted to win just 39 and 40 games by ESPN and Bleacher Report respectively.

And we can’t forget that this team accomplished all of that while having draft capital and a young rotation filled with players 26 years old or younger. Pretty crazy right? Even though this team was being heavily overlooked and underestimated coming into the season, the players and coaches have worked incredibly hard, believed in each other, and have put together a special season in which they’ve consistently defied odds, surprised “experts” and have even outperformed what a lot of fans thought was possible. While it can sometimes be difficult to fully buy in and believe in a Knicks team due to the many years of pain, suffering, disappointment, and embarrassment that fans have experienced, this team has given us all a magical season worth celebrating.