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Know The 2023 Knicks: Pop quiz

Sharpen your #2 pencil — and your brain

New York Knicks v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

With the possibility of meaningless games in April before the New York Knicks start their playoffs — pro’ly in Ohio — it’s time to step back and consider the very meaningful 78 games we’ve already witnessed this season. You know your team well enough to presume you’re smarter than Leon Rose and Tom Thibodeau. But how well do you really know your stuff? Take this 10-question quiz and see. Answers listed on the bottom.


1) Even after scoring 48 points in last night’s win, Jalen Brunson would have to average 42.5 points per game his last 4 games to finish the year averaging 25. Only once in club history have the Knicks had two teammates each average 25+ in a year both played mostly in New York. Who were they?

2) Only seven different Knicks have ever averaged more than 25 per over a season, a number that includes Julius Randle this year. Who are the others?

3) Brunson leads the team in assists, the first time in a few years Randle won’t. Who was the last Knick before Randle to lead the team in dimes? If you’re really up for some fun, who was the last Knick to lead the team in dimes before Randle arrived?

4) Who are the only three current Knicks not averaging at least 10 points per 36 minutes?

5) Tom Thibodeau is likely to be the team’s head coach next year, meaning he’ll enter a fourth season at the helm. Thibs’ current record in New York stands at 123-109. Who was the last Knick coach to reach a fourth year in charge with a winning record over the prior three?

6) Which Knick takes the highest percentage of their shot attempts from these ranges?
From 0-3 ft.:
From 3-10:
From 10-16:

7) Which Knick has the highest accuracy shooting from those ranges?
From 0-3 ft.:
From 3-10:
From 10-16:
From 16-<3:

8) Seven players have 10+ dunks as Knicks this year. Name them.

9) Seven Knicks earn more than $10M this year. Name them.

10) You could probably guess the three Knicks with the most and-ones this year are Randle, Brunson and Barrett. Who’s fourth?

BONUS: Which Knick’s had their shot blocked the most?


1) If you guessed Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire, you’re only wrong because of the qualifier at the end of the question. In addition to STAT putting up 25+, Melo averaged over 26 a game after coming to the Knicks in February 2011, but spent most of that season with Denver. The first and so far only pair to both put up 25+ in a year spent mostly as Knicks: Richie Guerin (29.5, second-highest ever by a Knick) & Willie Naulls (25.0) in 1962.

2) Guerin, Bob McAdoo, Bernard King, Patrick Ewing, Stoudemire, Melo and Randle

3) Elfrid Payton led the team with 7.2 assists a game in 2020. A year earlier, Emmanuel Mudiay led with 3.9.

4) The three centers: Mitch, iHart and Jericho Sims.

5) Jeff Van Gundy. Mike D’Antoni did reach a fourth season with the Knicks, but his first two seasons here were one big tank job; after his third year in New York his record was 89-117.

6) Mitch; JB; JB; JB: Quentin Grimes

7) 0-3: Sims
3-10: iHart
10-16: Immanuel Quickley (unless you count Mitch at 100% on one attempt!)
16->3: Obi
3: Hart

8) Mitch, Hartenstein, Sims, Randle, Obi, RJ Barrett, Grimes

9) Randle, JB, RJ, Mitch, Hart, Evan Fournier, Derrick Rose

10) IQ

BONUS) Barrett

How’d you do? If you struggled, no worries! Pretty soon the Knicks will be in the playoffs and you won’t care much about games 1-82 anyway. It’s an obsession, but it’s pleasing!