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Crap! Jalen Brunson joins Julius Randle on the “questionable” list for Game 2 with sore ankle


Miami Heat v New York Knicks - NBA Photo by Secuk Acar/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Headed into Game 2 of the Knicks-Heat playoff series, all of the talk was focused on ankles. For the Knicks, fans were hoping that Julius Randle, who missed Game 1 with an ankle sprain, would be good to go on Tuesday night. For the Heat, the concern is Jimmy Butler, who sprained his ankle in the closing minutes of their Game 1 victory.

Then, suddenly, the ankle gods through us a curveball. When it came time for the Knicks to list their injuries for Game 2, Jalen Brunson’s name was right there alongside Randle’s.

My first thought: When the hell did this happen? There were no indications that Brunson had been playing on a sore ankle...unless perhaps the injury factored into his rough shooting performance (0-7 from three) in Game 1. Regardless, the Knicks could be in rough shape Tuesday night if neither Brunson nor Randle can play. Hell, they probably need both their stars to stave off these dastardly Heat.

We’ll keep you updated, though I doubt we’ll hear anything until a few minutes before tip-off Tuesday night.