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Should fans care that the Knicks don’t do public exit interviews?

I’m curious!

2023 NBA Playoffs - New York Knicks v Miami Heat Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

Sadly, the New York Knicks’ 2022-23 season is over. They aren’t the only ones whose season just ended, of course. But when these things happen, there always tends to be a whiff of controversy. Unlike most other teams, you see, the Knicks don’t allow players and coaches to be made available to the press for season-end exit interviews. And this season will be no exception.

Personally, I’m of two minds of the situation. Not only am I a fan, I’m a CONTENT CREATOR. I need that sweet, sweet content! Also, the idea of the Knicks slinking off into the offseason without while other teams have to face the media one more time is slightly off-putting.

Then again, many agents of the New York press make it difficult to take their side due to their extreme self-righteousness. Observe:

LOL. Berman, you will always be the king of takes.

Whatever. It is what it is. I’ll miss the 2022-23 Knicks. Who knows when (or if) we’ll see them all together again. Hopefully they relax for a bit and get back to shooting practice.

What do you say, Knicks fans? Take the poll below.


Do you care that the Knicks don’t do public exit interviews?

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