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Knicks reportedly discussed potential Bradley Beal deal during the season

More rumors surrounding the Knicks and a star

New York Knicks v Washington Wizards Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

It was reported earlier today that the Washington Wizards and Bradley Beal would work together to find a trade if the team elects to rebuild. And many around the league believe that Washington, coming off of a 35-47 campaign, will likely to go down that path. The Knicks, as they so often are with big names, have been closely linked to Beal for a while now.

With New York taking a big step towards contention this past season, the front office, in an attempt to pair Jalen Brunson up with another star, apparently held internal discussions during the season about a potential deal for the high profile-shooting guard.

This isn’t really anything to get into a tizzy about. The front office should discuss all potential trade scenarios. While there is no word on how those conversations ended, or just how serious the front office is about going after Beal, it’s now clear that Beal is at least on the team’s radar.