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Knicks reportedly among teams willing to engage with the 76ers on a James Harden trade

NBA: New York Knicks at Philadelphia 76ers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden is apparently picking up the player option on his contract, but will work with the Sixers organization to facilitate a trade out of Philadelphia, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. This concerns us, because Woj himself listed our New York Knicks among the teams willing to engage with the Sixers on a trade.

Now let’s slow down, people. Yes, this is a bit scary at first blush. While Harden still has skills, he’s about to turn 34 years old, and he’s a ball-dominant, no-defense guard. The Knicks don’t need another point guard type with Jalen Brunson already in the fold. But there’s possibly more to Woj’s tweet than meets the eye. Notice the odd phrase “engage with” on a trade. The Clippers, also mentioned in Woj’s tweet, could definitely use a Harden-type point guard. Perhaps the Knicks would be a third team in this deal, helping to route Harden to LA.

We know the Knicks have been linked to Paul George in recent week. Just sayin’...

All in all, I’d wager this ends up amounting to nothing. Harden will get moved, but the Knicks won’t be involved in any way. But it’s trade talk season, and we’ll keep you updated.