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Charles Oakley is upset again, this time over All-Star Weekend treatment

Is this just an old man being grumpy or the NBA dropping the ball?

Syndication: Indianapolis Grace Hollars/IndyStar

A lot of basketball fans see a Knicks jersey when they hear about or think about Charles Oakley, which is completely fair. The big man spent 10 of his 19 years in the league, playing a major role for a Knicks team that was consistently good, fun to watch, and headline-grabbing. What many don’t know about Oakley, though, is that he is a very proud Clevelander and because of that, he was incredibly disappointed when he was cast aside and completely ignored during last year’s All-Star weekend, which took place in his hometown.

Oakley, who appeared on the “Showtime with Coop” podcast last week, opened up about the incident, saying, “I played 19 years, and they came to Cleveland [for] All-Star [Weekend last year]. They didn’t give me one ticket.” The now 59 year-old went on to say, “I had six events. They didn’t give me no help, no T-shirt, no keychains. They had 25 events. They didn’t invite me to nothing.”

Some may think that this is just an old grumpy guy looking for something to be mad about. And to their credit, Oakley does seem to be the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to making former players look cantankerous and petty. But Oakley sees it differently and believes that the 2017 incident that saw him get ejected from Madison Square Garden forcibly played a hand in how he was treated. “They stuck it to me because of what happened in New York or something,” Oakley said. Regardless of what the actual reason was, there’s a chance that this won’t be the last we hear about the situation as Oakley stated that he’ll give Adam Silver a “mouthful” the next time he sees the commissioner.