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Adam Silver: League has no opinion on Leon Rose silence

And besides Berman, neither do most of us.

Board of Governors Press Conference Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

This week, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was in New York City to meet with the NBA Board of Governors. At a subsequent press conference, Silver said that one of the agenda topics of the meeting was “Reinforcing the notion that we are an 82-game league.” Specifically, the Board met to change league rules in response to excessive load management and the increasing trend of resting star players.

The new rules aim to prevent teams from resting more than one “star” player in a game. “If you’re a healthy player in this league, the expectation is that you’re going to play,” said Silver. He added later, “This is ultimately about the fans. We’ve taken this too far.”

This might not be the final word from the league on the subject. “Initially, we’re taking a somewhat light touch here, under the notion that change will probably happen here incrementally. I think we’ll state this principle, see how teams react, and see if more needs to be done.”

Surely, someone has had to explain the concept of load management to an incredulous Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau.

At Silver’s conference, Vincent Goodwill (Yahoo Sports) queried the commish about the cold shoulder Knicks Team President Leon Rose and the front office have given the media. Rose appeared in a one-on-one TV interview on MSG last September, but has otherwise mostly eschewed media interviews or press conferences.

“Here in New York, their decision maker hasn’t stood forth in the public since he’s taken position,” said Goodwill. “Is there any pressure you can put on a franchise to be publicly accountable?”

Silver doesn’t care. He said that “accountability” lies with the media and fans. “They [NYK executives] haven’t violated any of our league rules.” Furthermore: “From my standpoint & the league’s, we have a long track record of talking directly to the media & being transparent about the decisions we make; every team has to make its own decisions on how they want to operate.”

Most Knicks fans prioritize good franchise decisions and competency on the court over Leon’s communication with reporters. But, broach the subject with Marc Berman at your peril.