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The Knicks return to the Lowcountry for preseason practice

Sweating it out down south.

NBA TV Real Training Camp Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

In my mental file for South Carolina, there’s an Archers of Loaf song, fading details about the Battle of Fort Sumter, and a note about palmettos. But, indeed the Knicks practiced there in the nineties—at the College of Charleston—and are returning to the birthplace of barbecue to sweat it out yet again.

This time around, they will be practicing at the Citadel’s McAlister Field House according to The Post and Courier.

The P&C reports that the Knicks will be in town for workouts from October 3-7. Last year, the Philadelphia 76ers used the military school’s facility for a five-day training camp. Doc Rivers (still the Sixers skipper then) was excited to have his team bond over discussions about the history of the state.

In 2000, the Knicks interrupted their routine of practicing in South Carolina to protest the Confederate flag that flew at the statehouse. They had returned by 2005, however. The flag remained until 2015.

One must assume the Citadel will offer superior accommodations to the sweaty, un-air-conditioned gym the Knickerbockers used at Charleston in the early nineties. Back then the Knicks were helmed by Pat Riley, a man of sadistic tendencies. Andrew Miller writes: “Former Knicks head coach Pat Riley would make the players walk from their downtown hotel to the arena.”

Maybe Tom Thibodeau will one-up Pat by making the team ride unicycles. Training camp starts next week, and the first preseason tilt is in two, versus Boston on Oct. 9. The season is almost upon us, folks.