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My farewell to Posting and Toasting

After 11 years at P&T, I’m stepping away.

New York Knicks v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Because I’m an old square, I still have a Facebook account. A few weeks ago, I received a reminder alert for a post I wrote 11 years ago — my first official article for Posting and Toasting. I had spent the summer of 2012 writing fan posts, trying to one-up fellow poster Paul Chillsap. I emailed the godfather himself, Seth Rosenthal, about writing for the site, and he said yes. In true novice blogger fashion, my first article was way too long. Who the hell could care that much about a preview of the 2012-13 Toronto Raptors?

Looking back on those Atlantic Division previews, I have a better understanding of why I’ve decided to step away from Posting and Toasting after all these years. It’s easy to become cynical after more than a decade in the blog game. We all start out doing it because we love it. Then, we hope it can become a career. Some folks hold onto the passion; others do not. I’m in my forties now, with a full-time job and a very energetic two-year-old daughter. With the 2023-24 season rapidly approaching, I simply don’t have the spark I need to keep the site running.

But before I go, I’d like to say a bit about what P&T has meant to me. When I started blogging, I was an expat English teacher living in China. The P&T community was my way of staying connected with America. When I returned to my home country in 2013, writing for this site provided me with the confidence to try my hand at writing as a career. I now work as a writer for the federal government. I owe my career to this wacky website named after one of Clyde Frazier’s lesser rhymes. I obviously need to shout out Seth for making this happen. To the other writers who came along during these past 11 years — Stingy, China, Matt Miranda, the Strickland boys, G League Head Coach Dylan Murphy, and many others — you have my eternal gratitude.

Don’t fret for this site. Russell Richardson, who has been doing quality work for P&T these past few seasons, is stepping up as editor-in-chief. He’s a good dude with a great voice, and I believe he’ll take Posting and Toasting to new heights.

As for me, I’ll still be around on various social media sites, watching (and complaining) about the Knicks. My wife has given me permission to keep watching Knicks games, even though it isn’t technically my job anymore. If you’ve ever seen me in person stressing out during a Knicks game, you know this is a tremendous sacrifice on her part. Maybe I’ll even write a post from time to time. This team should actually be a great deal of fun!

Thank you for indulging my rantings and ravings over these past 11 years. Keep on reading Posting and Toasting, and go the Knicks!