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Willis Reed was unavailable

Keeping the lights on.

New York Knicks Patrick Ewing (R) tips the rebound Photo credit should read KIMBERLY BARTH/AFP via Getty Images

Great writers have huddled beneath the Posting and Toasting awning over the years.

The only fan letter I ever wrote was an email to Matthew Miranda after one of his recaps turned the summary of a lousy game into a spoof on Shakespeare. My wife was always so puzzled that I could watch a Knicks game that made me furious and then read a recap of the awful game, but with a dumb grin on my face. Thanks again for that, Matt. We watched the same stuff, but you made art of it. And, sometimes, cake.

Win or lose (mostly the latter for a while), I would read P&T to commiserate. I pulled up to read Seth Rosenthal. I lounged in the Bluecheese Wonder Room. I sought out bylines by Joseph Flynn, Drew, and Shwin. I entered as Alex Wolfe exited. Big Nikes to fill, all.

Two years back, I submitted writing samples on a whim. Joe gave me a shot. For one of my first pieces, I wrote a 3,500 word recap of a preseason game. Preseason. What a numbskull. Joe offered encouragement and patience, and helped me find my way. Thanks again for that, Joe.

Now the captain is passing the torch. I shall try not to burn my hand.

Yeah, the highs of yesteryear are probably out of reach. We’ll seek out new ones. Sure, content is king, and quotas are a thing, so please forgive the odd, obligatory article. (Lord help us if it’s “Three ways Joel Embiid could improve the Knicks.”) We will always try to make it worth the investment of your eyeballs. Vonnegut’s first rule: Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted.

Speaking of . . . we need more writers. The Knicks are poised to have a great season, so why not participate? There are different types of paid contractor positions, from blogging about the news, writing game previews and recaps, weekly columns, and who knows what else. Pay rates vary based on responsibilities and experience level. Qualifications include, but may not be limited to:

  • A passion for basketball, particularly for the New York Knicks.
  • Previous writing/blogging/social media/graphic design experience, whatever is relevant to the position being applied for.
  • An ability to come up with original editorial ideas to help both drive and react to the ongoing conversation around the team. This can range from X’s and O’s, deep-dive statistical breakdowns to more column/blog-style takes on what it all actually means. Or perhaps a blend of all of the above and more.
  • An ability to accept feedback and make prompt adjustments to a story prior to publishing, and to submit work prior to deadlines.

Interested? Fill out this form and apply. Remember to have examples of your prior work ready to show.

That’s all for now. Here’s one more tip of the hat to Joe Flynn for everything. As for you, please reach out. Send feedback. Suggest topics. Keep commenting. The House that Seth Built continues because writers produce content and you engage with it. For years, this blog was a daily read for me, always hungry for more Knicks content. If we don’t screw up too badly, it should still be here when I mosey on.