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HoopsHype Knicks intel: Daniel Gafford, Dejounte Murray, Malcolm Brogdon...

Bobby Marks and Michael Scotto emptied the tank one month from deadline day.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Washington Wizards Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

HoopsHype NBA insider Michael Scotto recorded a podcast published on January 12th in which he and fellow analyst Bobby Marks of ESPN discussed a bunch of saucy topics ahead of the trade deadline, previewing the Feb. 8 date.

While they went through a few franchises and covered many players, one of the most prominent teams they covered all bases of was your extraordinary New York Knicks, of whom they talked about both incoming and outgoing players.

Here’s a briefing of all names discussed with links to the Knicks, as big or little as those are.

Indiana Pacers v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Trade Targets

Dejounte Murray

  • According to Scotto, “There was a thought that Immanuel Quickley would be potentially going to Atlanta,” but Toronto traded for him first.
  • The Raptors “thought [before the OG Anunoby trade] the Knicks were going to try to get both Anunoby and Dejounte Murray.”
  • Murray is represented by Klutch Sports, but Marks thinks “If you can go out and get a player that can help you and he’s under contract (Murray is under contract for four years after this season), you don’t have to sell him on free agency. You can go out and do [a trade] if it makes sense.”

Malcolm Brogdon

  • Brogdon is mentioned as a cheaper trade target for the Knicks if they can’t get Murray.
  • The Knicks might consider trading for Brogdon to fill the scoring void left by Quickley’s departure.
  • According to Marks, trading for Brogdon could cost the Knicks “Evan Fournier and one first-round pick, [with some second-round picks on top if needed].”

Daniel Gafford

  • Per Scotto, “the Knicks had inquired about Wizards center Daniel Gafford,” although no date was specified.
  • Interest in Gafford “should lessen on paper” after acquiring Precious Achiuwa in the OG trade.
New York Knicks v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

Future Knicks Transactions

Isaiah Hartenstein

  • The pair discussed Isaiah Hartenstein possibly pricing himself out of New York with his contract demands once he enters free agency next summer.
  • Hartenstein has Early Bird Rights, which could see his salary rise to around $13-14 million. Per Marks, I-Hart “is probably looking at least at non-taxpayer mid-level money, which is at $13 million, because he’s reliable, knows his role, and has been reliable there.”

Evan Fournier

  • Fournier’s contract is seen as a potential trade asset for the Knicks as an expiring deal that can be used to match bigger incoming salaries.
  • Fournier has got a team option for next year in his contract at around $19 million.
  • Per Marks, “there is a timeline” for Fournier if the Knicks let the deadline pass without trading Fournier. He questions whether or not the Knicks would exercise the team option (“great, but then you’re going to have to pay OG, probably Hartenstein, [maybe] Achiuwa”) or let Fournier go for free in July (“then, who are your tradable contracts?”)
  • According to Marks, “If Fournier’s not dealt by the trade deadline, I think there’s a good chance that option gets exercised, and then New York figures it out because there’s going to be somebody available who’s disgruntled.”
Portland Trail Blazers v New York Knicks Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Toronto - New York Trade Details

OG Anunoby

  • Knicks can offer Anunoby a four-year extension worth $117 million on June 30th. If he declines it, OG will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1st.
  • RJ Barrett was “the focal point” of all trade talks with the Raptors
  • The Raptors “valued Quickley more than [multiple] draft picks.” IQ was valued as an “equivalent of two first-round picks in the eyes of Toronto.”

Precious Achiuwa

  • The acquisition of Achiuwa in the OG trade “should lessen the interest in Wizards center Daniel Gafford on paper.”