3 team deal which can be done individually --No Superstars-- but who says no?

Knicks -

Fills the need for another ball handler in DJM hope for some recovery closer to the player he was with Spurs if not the contract is not horrendous for what he is + can become a trade filler for a "Star" if that ever happens.

Fills need for a backup 4/5 in Wendall Carter Jr. this year and next who also can space the floor. Outside of Randle we finally have the potential for some semblance of an offensive firepower from 4/5 position. IF Randle is traded makes the offensive dip in production easier to handle. His age and team friendly descending contract are a further plus but being injured is a downside (Only has more than 60 games played in 1 season so far at 62, Only played 16 games so far this season)

Giving up 2 picks in 2024 when the draft is considered one the weakest is not an issue (2025 with covid seniors is considered significantly better from a talent perspective). Washington pick probably doesn't convey till 2026 (top 8 protected) if not its two 2nd round picks in 2026 & 27. Based on the dumpster fire that is the Wizards at the moment realistically it might be 2nd round picks

Early 2nd round picks has lots of value in this league but again this is a weak draft but the compensation to Orlando could be tweaked to provide more compensation to the Hawks or allow the Knicks to retain Wizards FRP.
Current trade leaves Knicks with no picks in the upcoming draft, so maybe holding of on packaging this years 2nd round pick is worth it but that shouldn't hold up this deal. I believe this close to a very fair deal to a very slight overpay on Knicks side again everything depends on the trade market and how tough our competition is, especially with DJM

Magic -

Three point shooting and defense is what they're looking for (Magic are 12-5 when shooting better than 35% from 3P range this season). Grimes easily slides into this roll + They get 1st round pick & early 2nd round pic this year. Magic have great front court depth and Goga Bitdaze has played really well in place of Wendall

Atlanta -

DJM is clearly being shopped, rumors being 2 First rounders with no salary carryover to next year. Current trade fits that metric. Washington pick is a gamble for a Top 8 protected pick in 2026. If not turns into four 2nd rounders in 2026-27

-Competition -

The only question for the knicks is who are we competing against that can offer something better?

Lakers - will have to construct a trade around Russell (19mil salary next year) and 2029 pick(no 1st rounders are possible). IMO Knicks offer is better

Heat - Earliest 2 first round picks would be 2027 & 2029 + Kyle Lowry's salary (Hawks will add Wesley Mathews and Patty Mills for salary match). In this scenario Heat’s tax bill increases by ~15 million this season + 173 million committed to 10 players next season, w/luxury tax projected @ $172 million & punitive tax at $190 million. Meaning they're restricted from signing their own free agents and others. Worth it for the Heat probably not...If Hawks plan to compete right away not sure this offer is better than the Knicks short term but longer term its more competitive.

Nets - They definitely shouldn't trade 2025 1st rounder, so then its either own 2027 pick (rockets have right to swap) or one of 76ers or Suns 2027 pick + 2028 or 29 pick along with Spencer's expiring contract. Might be an overpay and Nets have been reluctant to part with two 1st's. If the Hawks are looking to compete right away having picks in 27/28/29 is not ideal and you're banking on nets with talent and cap space to be bad 3 years from now.
Regardless if Nets offer 2 FRP this might be very close to beating or very least competing with Knicks offer.

Spurs - They might be the only team with interest that has the potentially to offer up 1st rounders that can compete and offer interesting players in salary. 2024 1st rounder from Toronto + Own 2024 (Charlotte pick has potential to be a valuable 2025 1st)

Competition for Wendall Carter Jr. is less robust than DJM and we would be competing against Nets, Hornets, Mavs and Pelicans. Our current offer might be a overpay even compared to offers other these teams can provide