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Knicks Bulletin: Shaq compares Brunson to Iverson, Candace Parker tripping, sad Nets...

Straight Outta Sources.

The Kelly Clarkson Show - Season 5 Photo by: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

The Knicks were off Wednesday with their latest game played on Tuesday against the Nets and their next one later today as New York will host the reigning champs from Denver at MSG in their return home.

This brief hiatus didn’t stop media members from discussing the Knicks in the past few hours after the victory over the Nets and ahead of today’s tilt against the Nuggets and the release of the official All-Star Game starters for the event taking place in Indianapolis less than a month from now.

Here is all that was said, whether that’s right or wrong, about your beloved Knickerbockers in the past few hours.

Julius Randle

On Precious Achiuwa and Jericho Sims stepping up with Isaiah Hartenstein out...

“They were amazing. Precious gave us big minutes. Jericho gave us big minutes.”

“Jericho was great protecting the rim in the first half. Precious just being in the right spots, getting us extra possessions rebounding the ball, defending guards, all that type of stuff. Gave us a lot of versatility.”

Precious Achiuwa

On getting more comfortable within the Knicks squad and playing better each passing game...

“Absolutely. Just getting a better feel for my teammates, understanding the way they play. That helps me understand the position I need to be in and making reads off of that is becoming a lot easier.”

Isaiah Hartenstein

On turning down the possibility of representing Germany at the FIBA World Cup last summer...

“It wasn’t like I [was] hurt—it’s that I wanted to make sure I’m fully healthy going into next season.”

OG Anunoby

On getting the Nikola Jokic assignment on defense on Thursday’s game...

“Yeah (I’d be ready to defend Jokic), I’ve guarded Jokic before.”

“I don’t know who will guard him. Maybe if Isaiah is back, I don’t know, or Jericho or Precious, but I’m ready, too.”

Josh Hart

On the two furries sitting courtside at Barclays Center on Tuesday...

“Nah [they weren’t distracting]. But I was like, ‘What are they?’”

On Mikal Bridges comments on the Nets crowd and the “Let’s Go Knicks!” chants at Barclays...

“Yo bro [Mikal Bridges] call me.”

Mikal Bridges (Brooklyn Nets player)

“You could hear in the crowd, it’s not fun. It felt like a friggin’ away game at home. That’s for any person sitting in here, any person alive.”

Spencer Dinwiddie (Brooklyn Nets player)

On the Knicks vs. Nets intra-city rivalry...

“Look, I said this even, back in the day, when we were beating them all the time, like they’re still historic. The Knicks franchise is one of the most historic franchises, probably third outside the Lakers and Celtics. So, they’re gonna travel well. And maybe Chicago because of [Michael] Jordan. They’re gonna travel well. They’re gonna have a global presence. They’re gonna have all those things.”

“Obviously, we feel like we have enough in the locker room to win these games and it being a rivalry, gives an extra emphasis on it and a national TV game. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to pull it out, but there is no secret as to how big their fan base is. Nobody ever questioned that.”

Gilbert Arenas (former NBA player)

On the Knicks missing a star in their roster and what having one could mean for New York...

“I want to see what a real young star looks like in New York—a [Jayson] Tatum, a Ja [Morant], an [Anthony Edwards] in New York. When one player is the king of the city, to see what it looks like is going to be crazy.“

“Like, you guys have a good team... but you guys need that star—when y’all leave the building, it makes you feel proud to be a New Yorker.”

Candace Parker (WNBA player)

On Jalen Brunson’s performance in the 2023 playoffs, building a false narrative...

“We’ve seen Jalen Brunson in the playoffs with the Mavs, and he was number two, number three, came in, played minutes, supplemented Luka handling the ball. But as a number one option, last year in the playoffs... Great first round. Second round? not so much.”

On her incorrect comments about Brunson being better in the first round a day later...

“Listen y’all, I’m a Bears fan. I get it Knicks. Everything someone says, you take it personally. My comments yesterday have NOTHING to do with what I think about Brunson as a player. I think he’s an Fn monster. I love Villanova guards and Jay Wright. Having a helluva season…..ALL STAR!”

“The question was not can you win with a small player as your best player….? It’s can you win a CHAMPIONSHIP with a small player as your best player? Everyone throwing me and tweeting me stats. You are missing the point. A.I. Was my absolute favorite player…. Despite avg 35.6 ppg in the finals, they lost to the Lakers. CP3 despite #s lost… no one since Isiah Thomas has won as the best player on their team and also being the smallest. (Steph sorta counts but he’s an anomaly).”

“It’s the same questions people had about FTs and can you win when your best player (Giannis) can’t hit free throws... It happened and people had to eat their words on his 50 pt triple-double. All I’m saying is I hope Brunson makes me eat words. Sincerely, a sympathizing Bears fan.”

On her starters at the guard positions for the upcoming 2024 All-Star game...

“I think Donovan Mitchell has had a great season. There is no bad choice, but I gave him the nod over Brunson because of the record and because of what he’s done without [Darius Garland and Evan Mobley].”

Jamal Crawford (former NBA player):

On Jalen Brunson deserving to start in the 2024 All-Star game...

“For me, it’s Brunson’s consistency. He should have been an All-Star last year if we’re being honest. The way he’s playing, the way he’s taking over games, bringing everybody along with him, and winning at the highest level... I think he’s the clear-cut number one option, an All-Star starter.”

Shaquille O’Neal (former NBA player):

On picking Jalen Brunson as one of his starters for the 2024 All-Star game...

“I chose Jalen Brunson. He’s talked about as a small guard and him not being able to carry a team but he’s a bad mofo. And he plays great ball so I wanted to give him the nod. Donovan Mitchell will also be there, he’s also playing great, but I haven’t seen a small guy do whatever he wants to do since Iverson. So, I like Brunson.”