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Game Thread: New York Knicks at Washington Wizards, January 6, 2024

New York is in D.C., looking to make OG Anunoby a perfect 4-0 as a Knick.

New York Knicks v Washington Wizards Photo by Kenny Giarla/NBAE via Getty Images

Tonight, two NBA teams square off in Washington, D.C., both having played games last night. The woeful Washington Wizards (6-28) lost yesterday to the Cleveland Cavaliers, while the the New York Knicks (20-15) squished the 76ers in Philly. New York defeated the Zards in November; barring catastrophe, they should again tonight.

Tip off is 7:00 p.m. EST on MSG Network. This is your game thread. This is Bullets Forever. Please don’t post large photos, GIFs, or links to illegal streams in the thread. Treat each other kindly and remember the Titans. Snap their wands, Knicks!