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Dylan Windler makes Knicks history, signs with LA Lakers

Trying to rebound, Los Angeles fell for a trap.

Westchester Knicks v Delaware Blue Coats Photo by Mary Kate Ridgway/NBAE via Getty Images

See, I don’t care if it happened in the G, in the Association, in the Drew League, or in Taiwan: you still gotta body the opposition on your way to grab a ridiculous 33 boards.

That’s exactly what former Westchester Knicks legend Dylan Windler did on Friday against the hapless Delaware Blue Coats, who had no answer for DW’s mighty rebounding.

The Blue Coats are the Sixers G League affiliate. They employ this kid called Kenneth Lofton. No, not Kenny, Kenneth. Because Lofton stopped being “Little Kenny” more than a few years ago and that’s even being just 21. Believe me.

Anyway, Windler made history. He pulled down 33 rebounds for the Knicks on Friday, something no man in the history of the G League had done before.

Angel Delgado, then 24 years old, set the prior record with 31 rebounds on Jan. 4, 2019, almost five exact years to the day of Windler’s game for the ages.

Windler, in case you don’t know, has played 26 G League games throughout his career. He started this season within the Knicks organization and as a member of the Westchester Knickerbockers, for whom he put up a 14-9-2 per-game line in almost 28 minutes of play.

No need to mention Windler had never before completed a game such as Friday’s, and no need to be a genius to predict that he will never do so again after going for 23 points, 33 rebounds, two assists, and a steal in his final game with the Knicks.

That’s correct.

Windler is now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lake Show offered Windler a two-way deal the moment the final buzzer sounded on Friday, attaching man to the franchise and officially announcing the transaction on Saturday.

Windler is an old G Leaguer, mind you, already playing at age 27 and expected to dominate there. But again: thirty-three freaking rebounds are far from a joke.

The Lakers, sunk in an ongoing four-game skid and with LeBron James saying “We just such right now,” need help anywhere they can get it. Los Angeles has only won three games since beating the Indiana Pacers in the In-Season Tournament championship game. They have lost nine of their last 11 getting back to Dec. 14, a day off following a three-point win against the disastrous Spurs.

There is a chance Windler hears coach Darvin Ham’s orders tonight against the Clippers and is listening to a new head man on Monday, considering the Lakers HC's shaky status amid the disastrous run of results.

If you can’t trade for Zach LaVine, sign yourself a Dylan!

The Knicks won’t miss Windler that much, to be honest. He’s slashing 44/36/71. The Lakers made room for him by cutting a couple of wings in D’Moi Hodge and Alex Fudge. I won’t introduce them to you here but don’t panic, there’s no FOMO to fear because New York won’t fall for the 33-rebound trap the Lakers just ate whole by inking DW.

It was great while it lasted, Dylan. Good luck in Hollywood, where he just joined a three-man, 33-board club including Wilt, Mikan, and Kareem.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep enjoying watching I-Hart break the glass.