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Antonio Losada has been writing about sports since he first grabbed a keyboard back in the late 90s. Covering the Knicks for a few years running, he has specialized in dealing with struggling fanbases, handling heartbreaking losses, and finding positives where there are none. An MSc in AI by trade but freelancing for 5+ years, he's most proud of having found his byline printed in a SLAM magazine he bought on the news stand across the street.

Knicks 110, Sixers 96: “Got to have these if we want to keep pace.“

New York plays another home game on the road, beats Philly to break a four-game skid of late.

Knicks Bulletin: “I really did want to stay in Dallas.”

Did Mark Cuban wait longer than he should? Jalen Brunson reveals the truth about what went wrong with the Mavs, plus Mac McClung and Thibs speak up!

Julius Randle opens up about injury, doesn’t rule out surgery

Not the greatest update following Wednesday’s practice.

Knicks Bulletin: “Practice facility: 72 degrees and always sunny in here.”

Everybody in Durant’s environment wanted him in New York but he opted for Brooklyn instead.

Knicks Injuries: Three back Thursday, three getting closer to returning!

It’s all good news coming off the All-Star break!

2024 NBA All-Star Game: East 211, West 186: “ASG is pretty dumb“

Twas a night full of broken records and a visible lack of intensity.

Knicks Bulletin: “It wasn’t high intensity at all”

The NBA had an All-Star Game for the ages. If that’s good or bad, you be the judge.

Knicks forced to sign two players before Thursday, Feb. 22

Whether that pairing will include Taj Gibson or not is anyone's guess.

Jalen Brunson and Jacob Toppin out early in All-Star Saturday contests

Repeat 3-point and Slam Dunk champions? Booo-ring!

Knicks Bulletin: “I guess Jacob needed to jump over the shot clock“

Reactions to All-Star Saturday Night and quotes before of Sunday’s All-Star Game!