Rambis: Phil Jackson has given no indication he's leaving


"There's no indication that he's not committed or he's not staying, nothing outside of this team has ever been broached in any shape or form."



"Have you ever been 7'3? Neither have I."

- Kyle O'Quinn Great CBS post on Kristaps's putback dunks

First time visitor to MSG


Hi folks, Just hoping for a little guidance here. I've got a unique opportunity to attend a game in NY (Nov. 2nd against the spurs) and just wanted to check the local experts for any tips or suggestions. Firstly, I found some reasonable-ish tickets on stub hub. Is that a pretty good resource? I know i use it for Warriors games here in CA, but just wondering if there's a better/cheaper/preferred option in NYC. Second, is it cool for me to just wear whatever? Will I get messed with if I wear a Warriors jersey? And finally, any local recommendations for food/bars? I'm only in town for a few nights, staying near Madison Square Park

thanks! go knicks!

James Dolan did an interview


You're paying Phil Jackson $12 million a year for five years. Still worth it?

You got to believe, baby! I believe, I believe!

It's pretty dumb, but it's an interview!

On the Knicks and Karl-Anthony Towns


"The Knicks don't have the first pick yet, but if they get it, Mark Warkentien is the man who will give Phil Jackson the most thorough report on Towns. One NBA scout said Warkentien has spent so much time in Lexington he could "vote in local elections." It's a puff piece, but it's a very nice puff piece. Another lesson here: I think we should call him Karl-Anthony, not Karl. Or just KAT!

Knicks turning to more and more pick-and-roll


Entering play Sunday, the Knicks had used the pick-and-roll on 18 percent of their plays, per Synergy. And they've done so with greater frequency over the course of the season. Fisher, predictably, downplayed this development when asked about it last week. But it’s fair to view it as an example of the first-year coach putting his stamp on the offense that Jackson made famous. "That wasn't something that we relied on to be successful [in Los Angeles]. That’s not something we will rely on [in New York], either," Fisher said. "But I think over time the game has evolved and some things have changed. Based on who your team is you have to find ways to get penetration. So you try and tweak and adjust and adapt."

Nice work by Ian Begley asking the Knicks about their increased use of a non-Triangle-y. Pick-and-roll. The guys say they've been turning to it when other stuff breaks down, but I see them going to it earlier and earlier in the shot clock. Which makes sense! Nice to mix things up.

"I shampoo my hair every day, so I think my head is pretty clean."


"I shampoo my hair every day, so I think my head is pretty clean."

Finally, the mouthguard reporting I've been waiting for (Amar'e's defense-first explanation for not wearing a mouthguard is also great.)

Cole Aldrich, playing with hooks


"I think about it like this," said a smiling Aldrich, who has seen more playing time this season than ever before. "If there was a camera in every office for every time someone overshot the garbage can near their cubicle, we’d all be a bit embarrassed. So it doesn’t matter to me. It’s not a huge deal."

Chris Herring on Cole Aldrich's oft-used, oft-airballed hook shot is awesome

Carmelo Anthony is the king of the top-of-the-arc three


Out of the 21 guys who shot at least 100 times from there last season, here are the five most accurate: 1. Carmelo Anthony, 46 percent 2. Spencer Hawes, 46 percent 3. Kevin Durant, 43 percent 4. Dirk Nowitzki, 42 percent 5. Stephen Curry, 42 percent

Grantland's Kirk Goldsberry.

The Knicks are shooting off the catch in preseason


Last season, just 54.2% of the Knicks’ made field goals were assisted, which was the fourth-lowest in the NBA. After five preseason games, that number has jumped to 63.6%, a rate that would have ranked third in the NBA last season.

Alan Hahn Among some very bad signs, that is a good sign.