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Lockout : (

Shumpert likely out until January

Iman Shumpert insists he won't return to the New York Knicks' lineup until his knee is totally ready, a date he feels likely won't come until January or February despite rumors of an earlier date.

We're not going anywhere.

Knicks or no Knicks, P&T will trudge forward.

Lockout Open Fred: 11/14/11

Lockout Open Fred: 11/10/11

Lockout Open Fred: 11/9/11

Where's Toney?

Look closely...

Non-Game Thread: 11/2/11

What of the amnesty clause?

Really, we just want to keep Renaldo Balkman around.

Lockout Talk Open Thread

Drawring: Bill Walker- 10/26/11

A Bill Walker tweet illustration.

Drawring: Iman Shumpert- 10/20/11


The first two weeks of the NBA season are no longer.

The lockout's taking our basketball now!

Open Thread: Lockout Judgment Day

You can watch Carmelo Anthony play basketball tonight.

A televised summer exhibition game!

Here's an update from Impact League regarding Iman Shumpert.

The word from Vegas on Iman Shumpert's performance.

Team D is your new favorite basketball team.

Let's go Team D! Yeah! Okay!

There will be six Knicks in Las Vegas next week.

Joe Abunassar's "Impact League" will include Chauncey Billups, Iman Shumpert, and others.

Knicks Lockout Diary: 7/11/11

Dispatches from Camp Lockout.

Bill Walker is staying busy during the lockout.

Bill Walker is a champion of timely flood response, better school systems, federal budget-cutting, brush fire prevention, the 2015 Pan Am Games, libertarianism, and golf.

Get to Know Glen Grunwald

Facts about Glen.

The NBA Lockout and its Immediate Effect on Our Knicks

How are the Knicks holding up?


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