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Lockout : (

Shumpert likely out until January

Iman Shumpert insists he won't return to the New York Knicks' lineup until his knee is totally ready, a date he feels likely won't come until January or February despite rumors of an earlier date.

We're not going anywhere.

Knicks or no Knicks, P&T will trudge forward.

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Where's Toney?

Look closely...

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What of the amnesty clause?

Really, we just want to keep Renaldo Balkman around.

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A Bill Walker tweet illustration.

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The first two weeks of the NBA season are no longer.

The lockout's taking our basketball now!

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You can watch Carmelo Anthony play basketball tonight.

A televised summer exhibition game!

Here's an update from Impact League regarding Iman Shumpert.

The word from Vegas on Iman Shumpert's performance.

Team D is your new favorite basketball team.

Let's go Team D! Yeah! Okay!