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Community Guidelines

New to Posting and Toasting? Recently been warned? Just love reading posts about community guidelines? Check out the following to get a sense for how P&T works and what is expected of you, the commenter.

- The single most important thing I ask of you is to be friendly. We're talking about a basketball team here. As such, the mood should be appropriately light. That means absolutely no direct attacks on fellow community members and no trolling just to stir up trouble. Dissent and agreement alike must be expressed thoughtfully and tactfully. If you're being a punk and continue to do so, you will first be warned, then banned. I very rarely have to do this.

- I'm relatively lenient about profanity and embrace both phallic and fecal humor (as well as the rare and beautiful phallo-fecal humor). That said, keep cursing within reason and avoid the obvious slurs and hate speech. Please also try to avoid using the word "rape" metaphorically and using the word "retard" as a noun or "retarded" as an adjective.

- "FanShots" are for links, quotes, photos, and other quick hits of Knicks-related goodness. "Fanposts" are for longer original posts that you thought out in advance. Both can be promoted to the front page if they please me. Go nuts. Well, not that nuts. A little nuts.

- Comments need not be in flowery prose, but try to write with something resembling proper grammar and spelling if you plan to be taken seriously. The same is doubly true for Fanposts.

- Promoting your website is great, but if you're not referencing directly relevant content, then the best place to put it is in a signature. If you go to your user page and click "user profile", you can create a signature.

A few commenting tips:

- If you're replying to a specific comment, use the "reply" button. It'll make more sense visually, trust me.

- To tab through unread comments, tap the "z" key. This is useful in game threads and other posts with lots of comments.

- Posting (acceptable) pictures is generally fine, but try to keep them relatively small. If you must share your cyber-murals, just post a link.

That's all I can think of. I'll keep this page updated as new things come up. The upshot: Be civil, keep it light, and when in doubt, follow the lead of other community members.